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OEM Synthetic Diesel use by Reservist Military vehicle under long term storage for sell in Barrel Form (Stable & long storage life up to 10 years)


 EAU Synthetic DieselSi

Synthetic Diesel fuel loaded onto long term storage M113

OEM Synthetic Diesel conceived in 2010, a blend of paraffin and olefin.


Produces 9% more horsepower than conventional diesel fuels.


Extremely stable and can be mixed with methanol for more performance.


Storage life up to 10 years


Suitable for Singapore Military Reservist vehicle unit usage (activated once a year)


Safe for engine to restart Military vehicle after our synthetic Diesel is stored in fuel tank for 1 years or more (less than 11 years)


100% refined in USA



High room (Battle Field) storage temperature & Long storage life


Engine Protection from not using old degraded Diesel (long term storage vehicle)


Immediate restart all long term storage combat vehicles without pumping fresh refueling of conventional Diesel


High performance Diesel fuels are still available when supplies are cut off due to prolonged battle for more than 2 years.


Application: Naval ship, Submarine,  Long term storage of Amour unit Battle Tank, AFV and other combat engineer vehicles


Note: Conventional Diesel fuels shelf life is only 6 months

Synthetic Diesel fuel safe to start engine after 6 months idle



Synthetic Diesel fuel loaded onto long term storage AMX 10



Synthetic Diesel fuel loaded onto Combat Engineer Vehicle

 Synthetic Diesel fuel loaded onto long term storage Leopard 2